Gravimetric Blenders - SGB


    SGB is a fully automatic one-to-one or central gravimetric batch blender requiring a precision mix of multiple component materials for the injection/extrusion process. The units come in 4/6/8 components and different throughput volumes. The PLC controller has inbuild material conveying software for smooth, automatic, and uninterrupted material loading.


    • The gravimetric technology ensures the overall precision of ± 0.1% while using micro-dosing with free-flowing material.
    • The load cell allow the unit to measure each batch and correct the next batch to realize constant dosing precision.
    • Mixing tank provide even mix of materials and large easy maintenance door.
    • Standard floor stand for SGB-1200 and above model. Which includes floor stand, material storage tank, and pneumatic discharge slide gate.
    • Modbus TCP data communication via ethernet.
    • Integrate material conveying control for the optional SVG vacuum unit and SHR-U-ST hopper receiver.