Mould Temperature Controller STM-PW-D

STM-PW-D series high temp. water heaters are mainly used for mould heating and mould temperature maintaining. Besides, it is also applicable to fields with other similar demands.
Compared with the STM-W water heater, this series is able to meet wider production demands under higher heating temperature (180℃) condition. Besides, there are many options and accessories for this series of machine that can meet different production demands.


  • The maximum heating temperature is 180℃.
  • 4.3" Touch screen controller with easy to use HMI and clean display.    
  • Adopt SSR solid-state relay controller.
  • Adopt plate heat exchanger for direct cooling and accurate temperature control, and the low water viscosity makes quick heat exchange.
  • P.I.D controller with 4.3" LCD with a user-friendly interface. The multi-stage controller can maintain stable mould temperature with a precision of +/- 0.5℃.
  • Isolated electric cabinet to extend the service life of internal electrical appliances
  • In build weekly timer with℃/℉. unit conversion.
  • In build multiple safety with display and alarm buzzer, such as reverse phase, pump overload, overheat, and low water pressure.
  • Built-in magnetic pump without seal.
  • RS485 communication interface achieves centralized monitoring with the host.
  • Equipped with water level probe and high-pressure plunger pump that could accurately detect the water level, and refill during high-pressure as to avoid empty water system.
  • Equipped with a pressure sensor that can be visually displayed on the controller
  • Equipped with USB interface for real-time data recording and local data backup