“Large Flow”High Temp. Water Heater-STM-PWF

    STM-PWF series high temp. water heaters are mainly used for mould heating and mould temperature maintaining. Besides, it is also applicable to fields with other similar demands. Compared with the STM-W water heater, this series can control higher mould temperature (max. 180℃). It adopts “large flow” magetic pump that largely increases the water flow, which is especially suitable for large flow constant temp. productions and higher technology demands. Besides, there are many options and accessories for this series of machine that can meet different production demands.


    • P.I.D controller with 3.2" LCD with a user-friendly interface. The multi-stage controller can maintain stable mould temperature with a precision of +/- 0.5℃/0.9oF.
    • Adopt SSR solid-state relay controller.
    • Adopt high-efficient water cycle magnetic pump, which can meet the demands of temperature control for precise moulds and mould loop with minor diameter to achieve precise temperature control and high efficient heat exchange.The interior is made of stainless steel to prevent high-pressure explosion.  
    • Multiple safety devices including power reverse phase protection, pump overload protection, overheat protection and low level protection that can automatically detect abnormal performance and indicate this via visible alarm.
    • For standard STM-PWF, the maximum heating temperature is 180℃/356oF.
    • Equipped with high pressure protection, safety pressure relieving, automatic water supplying and air exhausting.
    • Adopt plate heat exchanger for direct cooling and accurate temperature control, and the low water viscosity makes quick heat exchange.
    • RS485 communication interface that can achieve centralized monitoring online;  
    • Equipped with water probe and high pressure pump pluger;  The water probe can detect the water level accurately. When the system water level is too low, the pump pluger supplies water for the high pressure system to avoid pipe heater dry burnt .
    • With standard buzzer.
    • For models optional with return water temperature displayer,  add “TS” at the end of the model code.