Low-speed Granulators - SG-16N/20N

    SG-16N/20N series are both low-speed granulators. SG-16N has staggered blades designed, and SG-20N has paddle blades designed. They are mainly used for granulating sprues or rejects fed by pickers or belt conveyors beside the moulding machines. They feature low speed, high torque, low noise, less power generated, and energy saving with IE3 motor. The unit is built to comply with multiple safety standards.


    • SG-16N series with staggered blade structure to distribute impact load and increase cutting efficiency. Blade holder design without the need for adjustment.
    • The material bin with a surround chamber design can effectively prevent the crushed material from leaking.
    • Robust design can effectively reduce vibration during the granulating process.
    • Low-speed and sound-reduction hoppers can effectively reduce noise generated during the granulating process.
    • The unit is built with a small footprint and castor wheels for easy moving.
    • The feeding hopper with an optional magnet to hold metal impurities in the materials.
    • The SG-20N series has a blade adjustment rack and simplified blade adjustment. The rack enables the rotating and fixed blades to be adjusted in the adjustment rack outside the unit without having to go through the complicated process of internal adjustment.
    • An optimal cutting angle makes resistance small and avoids blockage to improve cutting efficiency.
    • Low-speed granulating ensures well-proportioned granules and reduces dust power generated.
    • Easy access for easy maintenance and cleaning.
    • High standard of safety design to comply with multiple safety standards.