Low Voltage Power Distribution Cabinet SGGD


    The SGGD is mainly used to distribute power for the next level of distribution station or each power point, so that it can distribute for each power line as required, and its largest function is for convenient classification or power configuration. When the circuit has a fault, it is conducive to control the fault range, find out the problem and troubleshoot quickly without machine shutdown.

    The segmented circuit breaker can select the plastic circuit breaker and miniature circuit breaker according to user demands. The plastic circuit breakers are connected by copper bars, and miniature circuit breakers are connected by single core cables. According to the electrical wiring requirement, the switch gears, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment are assembled in closed or semi- closed cabinets to form a low-voltage distributor.


    • The frame adopts enclosed welding structure, ensuring light weight and high strength.
    • The design of front door and rear panel with opening and closing structure for convenient wiring;
    • The exposed parts such as front door, side plate and top cover are sprayed with surface electrostatic powder, which features uniform coating, cosmetics and corrosion resistant.
    • The upper in and lower out structure makes organized wiring and circuit layout for convenient repair, maintenance and replacement.
    • The copper bar set inside the case is as the grounding bus and zero line, which has main grounding points and wiring markings, forming a complete earth protection wire.
    • The LED light in the cabinet is controlled by the travel switch at the door panel position, and it can light after the opening the door panel.
    • The standard door plank manual operator can cut off the power emergently without opening the door for security.
    • Equipped with three multi-function meters to display the current, voltage and power in real time;