Magnetic Central Chiller-SICC/MC


  • Adopt world famous magnetic oil-free inverter compressor, and single compressor start current of 2A without power network impact. The annual operation cost saves 55% compared with common centrifugal water chiller.
  • Magnetic bearing in energy consumption of 180W, which is far lower than traditional compressor mechanical loss (10000W).
  • The compressor rotor is in suspension during the operation, and there’re no frictional parts, so that the full system oil-free operation is realized.
  • Full system oil-free operation which avoids heat transfer loss due to lubricating oil formed oil film on heat exchanger surface for higher efficiency.
  • Running noise level 73 dBA
  • R134a environment-friendly refrigerant doesn’t deplete ozone layer that is safe, non-toxic and non hazardous.
  • The moving parts are completely suspended, frictionless and the structural vibration is close to 0 without the silencer.
  • Stable operation performance with average service life30 years.
  • Intelligent multi-level reliability control and power failure protection ensure safer compressor operation.
  • Permanent-magnet synchronous DC motor, direct-drive two-stage impeller and high-strength thermoplastic electronic shell ensure long-term operation.