Medium Speed Granulator SG-M

SG-M Medium Speed Granulator is applicable to instant or tiny amounts of granulating of hard and long or solid and flexible sprues. It features a small size, low speed, wear resistance, and ultra silence. The low-speed structure produces an even regrind size and less dust than the previous design. Just a few quick and simple steps to clean residues from the unit.
Simple control and user-friendly make it easy to use. Besides, multiple options are available to meet different production processes and specific demands.


  • Adopt brand TECO gear box with stable performance, long service life, and large torque.
  • The gearbox directly drives the blade shaft for granulation, thus saving time for belt tension adjustment and maintenance.
  • Staggered blades adopt V-type cutting technology, which pushes the feeding material into the center of the cutting rotor to prevent the material from adhering to the inner side of the cutting chamber while enhancing its durability.
  • Unique staggered shape with double edge design allows the cutters to be mounted directly without clearance adjustment and maintain a fixed cutting curve and clearance after wear, which can significantly reduce the downtime for cutter disassembly and assembly.
  • The staggered blade can be capsized if one side is blunt, and the fixed blade can be reshaped after being reused four times, thus enhancing the cutter's durability.  
  • Optimal design can effectively reduce vibration during the operation of the granulator.
  • The soundproof feed box is made of double-layer stainless steel and with visual window.
  • SG-M models are equipped with castor wheels. They have a small footprint and are easy to move.