Mini Dehumidifying Dryer-MDD

MDD dehumidifying dryers integrate dehumidifying and drying into a single unit. It specially processes engineering and hygroscopic plastic materials, such as PA and PC. The dryer is directly mounted on the plastic manufacturing unit to provide real-time dehumidifying and drying.


  • Adopt molecular sieve structure honeycomb rotor, which provides low dew-point dry air that can reach -40℃ under ideal conditions
  • Dehumidifying and drying functions are integrated into a single unit
  • The standard microprocessor controller with a temperature-control precision of + 1℃
  • It is equipped with a weekly timer to achieve auto operation
  • Equipped with RS485 communication interface
  • Adopt a 4.3" touch panel for an intuitive display and easy operation
  • USB interface can record the data and back up local data in real-time
  • New special gear transmission can eliminate the honeycomb errors to avoid slipping and tough installation caused by conventional belt drives.
  • When using optional dew point meter, the dew point temp. control can control the regeneration temp. heating based on the set dew point, so as to save the energy.
  • The built-in adaptive energy-saving drying function can adjust the drying airflow and temp. according to different materials and outputs, thus achieving the purpose of energy-saving and preventing material from excessive drying;