Mould Sweat Dehumidifiers - SMD-H

    SMD series mould sweat dehumidifiers are designed to remove the moisture sweat from condensing on the mould surface. Forming of moisture sweat on the mould surface is due to the use of chilled water for reducing the moulding cycle time, particularly while moulding of the PET preforms. This series of machine uses honeycomb rotor to carry out dehumidifying function, which generates a dry airflow with dew point ranging from 0℃ to -10℃, and ensures the surrounding air of mould remaining in a low dew-point temperature. It provides constant low dew-point surrounding air to the mould surface all year round without being influenced by the change of seasons.


    • SMD-500H adopts 4.3’’ color touch panel for simple and intuitive operation. SMD-1000H and above adopts P.I.D. temperature control system; can set regenerative temp. and have display screen of actual temp.
    • Honeycomb rotor is used to ensure constant air dehumidifying effect.
    • With main power switch, it ensures safety of operation and maintenance.
    • Motor overload and phase reverse alarm functions are provided.
    • Return air cooling and filtering are provided.
    • Under normal atmospheric conditions, the air humidity can be controlled precisely all year round.
    • Prolong service life of mold, reduce corrosion, and yet reduce product flaws and defective product rate.
    • Cooler is standard equipped at the drying air outlet,which can adjust the temperature of outlet air.
    • It has water auto-drainage function which can remove the condensed water out of the machine.