Mould Temperature Controller-STM-D


    STM-D series oil heaters are used to heat the mould and maintain a set temperature. Besides, it can be used in other similar applications. The water-cooled heat exchanger indirectly cools the return oil of the equipment. The pump pressurizes the oil and pumps to mould after being heated by the pipe heater to realize the heating and temperature maintaining needs. It adopts the latest controller to ensure stable temperature control.


    • Adopt SSR solid-state relay with heating output, the max. heating temperature can reach 200, with the precision of ±0.5.
    • Adopt a vertical structure with a small footprint.
    • The controller adopts an easy operation 7’’ touch screen, both heaters with independent temperature control.
    • Adopt high-efficient high temp. pump, which can meet the demands of temperature control for precise moulds and mould loop with minor diameter to achieve precise temperature control and high efficient heat exchange.
    • In-build multiple safety plus warning devices, such as reverse phase, pump overload, overheat, and high and low-pressure protection.
    • Stainless steel pipe heater.
    • RS485 communication interface achieves centralized monitoring with the host.