Collocated with two or four European vacuum hopper receivers SHR-U-S, it is suitable for conveying plastic materials of several dehumidifying dryers (such as two-in-one SDD). Besides, the machine also can achieve "One-to-Two" or "One-to-Four" material conveying to different injection moulding machines or hoppers, thus greatly saving the costs.


    • LED touch panel for simple operation
    • One main vacuum unit for 2 or 4 hopper receivers, suitable for height or long-distance conveying.
    • Two-stage cyclone and filter technology with large dust bin for quick and easy maintenance.
    • Standard vacuum breaking valve for quick material discharge, maximize load, and energy consumption.
    • 5HP and above models are equipped with auto spraying device to reduce the cleaning frequency
    • Standard 485 interface for remote monitoring to realize auto production