SAL-UG122/124 multi-receiver hoppers loaders are a split conveying system with a central vacuum unit and multi-hopper receivers. SAL-UG122/124 is mainly used with injection moulding machines, extrusion machines, or other similar machines that require multi-receivers to realize the automatic conveying of virgin, recycled, dried, or mixed plastic material. The series has many models of main vacuum units for the most one-to-two/four material conveying requirements.

    After the proper setup, the hopper loaders can work automatically and independently without frequent adjustment. The floor level main unit has easy access cyclone and filters for dusty regrind application.


    • One main vacuum unit for 2 or 4 hopper receivers, suitable for height or long-distance conveying.
    • Two-stage cyclone and filter technology with large dust bin for quick and easy maintenance.
    • Standard vacuum breaking valve for quick material discharge, maximize load, and energy consumption.
    • Industrial grade safety plug ensures safe and reliable operation.