Nitrogen Dryer SND

    The nitrogen dryer SND integrates nitrogen dehumidifying, drying, and conveying into one unit, consisting of the dehumidifier, storage hopper, and drying hopper. The unit is mainly used for drying optical-grade material for plastic injection, and filling nitrogen can prevent the injection molding materials from yellowing during the drying process. Besides, the nitrogen dew point after being filtered by the nitrogen membrane is very low.


    • Standard PLC control, P.I.D temperature control.
    • Adopt nitrogen drying technology to prevent materials from oxidation and turning yellowish during the drying process.  
    • All materials contacted surfaces are stainless steel 304 to ensure no material contamination suitable for optical and medical products.  
    • The drying hopper and pipe are detachable for easy disassembling and cleaning. 
    • Adopt pneumatic material conveying to achieve continuous conveying. 
    • The nitrogen concentration displayer can monitor the nitrogen concentration in real-time to ensure the unit's status. It can adjust the nitrogen concentration according to the working environment. The max nitrogen concentration is up to 99%.