Mould Temperature Controller


    STM series mould temperature controllers work with heat transfer oil as a heat transfer medium, which heats the mould and maintains its temperature for the right injection process. The series comes in three maximum temperature models: standard, high, and ultra-high temperature models. The standard model has a maximum working temperature of 200°C, the high model has a maximum working temperature of 300°C, and the ultra-high model has a maximum working temperature of 350°C.

    The heated oil is returned from the mould to the tank with cooling coils, and the oil can be chilled by indirect cooling with water. The high-pressure pump pressurizes the oil to the heating tank and the mould at a steady temperature with a precision of ±1℃. Hence, they can be used in other similar applications.


    • For standard STM, the maximum heating temperature 200℃/392oF, while STM-HT maximum heating temperature is 300℃/572oF.
    • P.I.D controller with 3.2" LCD with a user-friendly interface.
    • The multi-stage controller can maintain stable mould temperature with a precision of +/- 0.5℃/0.9oF.
    • In build weekly timer with ℃/oF unit conversion.
    • STM in build a high-temperature quality pump. STM-HT with a leakage-free sealess magnetic driven pump.
    • In build multiple safety with display and alarm buzzer, such as reverse phase, pump overload, overheat, and low oil level alarm.
    • Modbus RTU data communication via RS485.