PET Crystallizers - SCR

    The PET crystallizer applies crystallizing material from amorphous states to crystalline states, such as PET, PLA, etc. A characteristic of amorphous materials is that they tend to soften and agglomerate at drying temperatures, forming clumps and adhering to the walls of a drying hopper. Crystallize amorphous material prior to drying to prevent this agglomeration from occurring.
    Option with the dehumidifying dryer to form a group of the crystallizing dehumidifying drying combination system.


    • Fixed speed of agitator makes materials not lump together during the crystallization.
    • Simplify and improve drying efficiency.
    • Materials can be dried under high temperature to improve drying efficiency.
    • Cyclone dust collector is standard, which is applied to dust-rich place. Can effectively reduce the load on filter bag, and reduce the number of times of filter bag cleaning, thus extend the life span of the filter bag.
    • With double overheat protector, it can reduce the possibility of either mechanical or man-made problems.
    • Equipped with rotary valve with good sealing performance, which can output crystallized material accurately.
    • Equipped with material level switch, which can detect material level accurately and make operation reliable.
    • Equipped with negative pressure tester(excluding SCR-1600U) to immediately test the ventilation of the filter. Give an alarm when the negative pressure is higher than the setting value, clean the filter to avoid blockage.