Pump Group-SPG

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    It is applicable to centralized constant-pressure water supplying system that is suitable for large power, variable flow and frequent start occasions, which features high-efficient system and obvious energy-saving effect. 
    It also can be used for reforming the water tank and other forms of water supply. 


    • Adopt frequency conversion control with obvious energy-saving effect. 
    • Auto/manual switching function ensures the stability of the water system.
    • Independently researched and developed advanced controller and frequency-conversion shift, precisely ensuring constant pressure for water supply according to water consumption variation.
    • Equipped with RS485 remote monitoring function. 
    • When the water pump fails, the system will start the next normal pump operation automatically.
    • Non-impact of pipe network pressure supplies constant pressure for water supply.
    • Soft-start of water pump circling, stable start and stop prevent power grid from impacting by starting current; 
    • First-start and first-stop operation achieves organized working of water pump to prolong the service life of the water pump. 
    • Modular and innovative design concept enables the supplying of independent pump that with two or several pumps to achieve any flow and ensure continuous operation. 
    • Available to cover all the flows and pressures required by the industrial process.