SGS Series Shredders

    SGS-S series of single-shaft shredders is an newly developed product line by SHINI. It can shred extra thick, tough and large solid materials. It can be applied in wide range, for example, recycling all kinds of materials, such as plastic, rubber and wood. The waste materials which are produced by the injection molding, blow moulding or extrusion moulding are also included. 


    • Milling smashing design, cutting in medium speed, low noise, low energy consumption, smashing in uniform size. Screen mesh will be chosen in accordance with customer's requirement.
    • Rotor uses the square knife block of indentation on the surface to reduce the friction heat. When one of the angles of the cutter is broken, it can simply inter-change the cutter to improve the cutting efficiency.
    • The automatically hydraulic device can be adjusted to achieve optimum production.(Except SG-4860S)
    • Equipped with independent control panel, there are automatic and manual operational modes to choose, quite flexible and safe.(Except SG-4860S)
    • Machine connects the transmission shaft and belt wheel through V-shape belt to make operating balance and dismantle convenient.
    • Mount anti-vibration pads at the machine feet for reducing vibration during shredding.
    • Have reverse alarm function for making the machine fail to start and flashing the alarm light when the power supply is mistakenly connected.
    • Possess multiple protections, such as current relay and motor overload protection.