Screenless Granulator SG-L

SG-L Screenless Granulator is applicable to granulating hard long or strong flexible sprues for instant recycling and a few rejects. It features small size, low speed and wear, and super silence, with low speed structure, and particle granules of little dust. Quick and easy cleaning method to clean residues from the cutting chamber in just a few simple steps. Simple control mode and operability is user-friendly that makes it easy to operate. Besides, multiple options are available to meet different production processes and specific demands.


  • Adopt TECO brand gear motor that features stable performance, long service life and large torque. 
  • Break large spurs into smaller pieces, and teeth cutter bites the materials into the desired size with less dust and ready to be reused with virgin materials.
  • Screenless screen, even particle granules with little dust content.
  • Compact design, small footprint for fast cleaning and maintenance.
  • Feed box with visual window, and double-layer sound proof are made of stainless steel.
  • Gear motor is connected with the main shaft with the coupling, making it easy to replace cutters and gear motor.