Self-contained hopper loaders - SAL-U

    SAL-U series self-contained hopper loaders are Euro design with stainless steel hopper to avoid material contamination. In addition, it has an attractive appearance, a sound-proof motor cover to reduce noise level and a top handle to enable convenient movement. Also the remote operation has been realized by using a detachable control panel.


    • SAL-1U~SAL-12U (-E) adopts carbo brush with fast rotatig speed ad large air quatity while maitai compact appearace, easy for trasportatio ad istallatio.
    • Wire-cotrol cotroller is coveiet to use with automatic cleaig fuctio.
    • Equipped with motor soft start fuctio ad carbo crush cosumptio prompt (except for three-phase motor).
    • Wire coectio poit for SPV-U.
    • Hopper ad base mout positios are adjustable.
    • Differetial pressure switch is employed ad screeer blockage alarm is available(Applicable to SAL-1U~12U(E)).
    • SAL-U has a reed switch, while SAL-U-E adopts photosesor switch with high sesitivity ad stable quality.
    • All models equipped with higed hopper lid that are coected by hige for easy mesh cleaig.
    • SAL-3U ad above model has a out dia.Ф 275 mm base, which ca work with all "Europea type" hopper dryers except SHD-20U ad all "Stadard" hopper dryers above SHD-75.
    • SAL-1U has a out dia. Ф200 mm base, trasitioal flage must be mouted whe this series work with SHD-20U/40U.
    • All SAL-U series machie has stadard cloth mesh filter ad auto-sprayig dust cleaer. For SAL-6U ad above models, it is available to select air accumulator to ehace the purgig ad reduce maually clea time. I order to maitai good fuctio, SAL-U-3 series also has stadard cloth mesh filter ad motor reverse cleaig fuctio without optioally select air accumulator ad reverse cleaig kit.
    • Optioally provide multi-fuctioal istallatio frame HMB-900 with 900 mm largest dia.adjustig rage for selectio.
    • Provide both stadard ad optioal heat-isulative Euro collective hopper SCH-6U/12U/24U to mout directly o mouldig machie feed port whe magetic proximity switch type hopper loader is used for material loadig.
    • Reiforcig auto cleaig of air accumulator is optioal (Applicable to SAL-6U/12U).
    • Buzzer is an optional selection (Applicable to SAL-U-3).