Silica Gel Feeder SLSR

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    The Silica Gel Feeder collocated with the silicone gel injection molding machine is widely used in the production of computer keyboard keys, medical catheters, baby nipples, cake moulds, automotive accessories, silica gel tubes, sealing rings, silica gel accessories , high pressure moulds, electronic products and toys, silica gel products, silica gel kitchenware, sports equipment handles or accessories, automotive water pipe fittings, automotive door sealing rings, automotive wipers and liquid silica gel and rubber products.


    • Safe manual operation
    • Special design for easy maintenance
    • New volumetric pump is easy for disassembly that saves time for maintenance.
    • Long service life of the sealing components
    • Functional support and external valve
    • Detachable mixer
    • Material shortage and over-pressure alarm device
    • Color reproduction adjustment function
    • Special hopper support optimizes the coating
    • Equipped with hopper exhaust alarm
    • Conform with European standard
    • The hopper capacity can be changed from 200 liters to 20 liters
    • Equipped with master-batch doser
    • Master-batch central supply station
    • It can run continuously through auxiliary feed pump