“Standard” Drying Loaders - SDL

    SDL series “Standard” Drying loaders integrate plastic drying and loading into one unit. Especially applicable to those large injection moulding machine which are placed in height limited workshop. This combination offers a group of standard photosensor hoppers, which can be used to load dried materials. Besides, SAL-900G is available for choose to realize the two-stage loading function.


    • Integrate material drying and conveying function into portable unit .
    • All material contact surfaces are made of stainless steel to eliminate material contamination.
    • Single tube suction box is standard accessory.
    • SDL-150 and even smaller models below are equipped with standard base.
    • SDL-200 and even bigger models above it are equipped with magnetic base.
    • Overheat tripping can automatically cut off power when drying temperature exceeds set deviation value.
    • Adopts heat-insulated blower for better blower lifespan.
    • All models adopt microcomputer control and RS485 communication port (SAL-900G is not included) .