"Standard" Hopper Dryer SHD-E

    SHD hopper dryers are used for drying hygroscopic plastics, such as PS, PP, and ABS etc., which can reach the highest drying temperature up to 160℃. In addition, multiple accessories are optional to realize different functions, such as recycling hot air and filtering metal impurities in the materials. With the floor stand, it makes floor mount of the machine available.


    • Adopt hot air diffuser to keep plastics dry and temperature stable, thus  improve drying efficiency.
    • All material contact surfaces are made of stainless steel to eliminate material contamination.
    • All models are equipped with externl power switch.
    • For SHD-25~150, heater pipes are connected by lead sheets and other models are equipped with temperature protector to prevent heater pipe from damaging by blower fault.
    • When the actual drying temp. exceeds the set value of 15 ℃, the system will cut off the heater power automatically, and the alarm light will flicker and alarm.
    • Adopt heat-insulated blower to prolong blower lifespan.
    • All models standard equipped with 7-day timer and intermittent operation function.
    • Max. drying temperature is 160℃.
    • The series of blowers are equipped with overheat protector.
    • For high temp. (180℃) models, add “H” at the end of the model code (applicable to SHD-12E~200E)
    • The option of magnetic base is available, add “M” at the end of the model code.
    • Optional RS485 interface is available, add “C” at the end of the model code.
    • For models optional with 24V microcomputer, RS485 interface and three color alarm light, add “A” at the end of the model code.
    • The option of insulated hopper is available, add “I” at the end of the model code.