“Standard” Self-contained Hopper Loaders - SAL


    SAL self-contained hopper loaders are mainly used with injection moulding machines, extrusion machines, or other similar machines to realize the automatic conveying of plastic material. It also can collocate with the SICH or SCH collective hoppers to work as a buffer tank on the inlet of the injection moulding machine.

    After the proper setup, the hopper loaders can work automatically and independently without frequent adjustment. For high installation positions, it's available to equip with an optional distal switch. The operator can work with the unit without going up and down.


    • Stainless steel hopper and with motor overload protection.
    • SAL-330 integrated design features compact and light structures. 
    • All the machines are equipped with auto reverse cleaning kit and cloth mesh filter.
    • This series is equipped with manual control switch for convenient power switch when installed in high places.
    • SAL-430/460 is equipped with RS485 port