“Standard” Separate-vacuum Hopper Loaders - SAL-G


    SAL-G standard separate-vacuum hopper loaders are a split conveying system with the main vacuum unit and hopper receiver. SAL-G is mainly used with injection moulding machines, extrusion machines, or other similar machines with height limitations with production to realize the automatic conveying of virgin and recycled plastic material. The series has six models for the most one-to-one material conveying requirements.

    After the proper setup, the hopper loaders can work automatically and independently without frequent adjustment. For dusty regrind application, the floor level main unit with easy access and has the option of cyclone filter.


    • Stainless steel hopper and with motor overload protection.
    • Audible material shortage alarm.
    • Independent filter designed for easy maintenance.
    • SAL-700G/810G/820G/830G are equipped with the RS485 communication port.
    • SAL-810G/820G/830G can control the proportional valve SPV-U and shut-off suction box independently.
    • SAL-900G/G2 has two-stage conveying function.