Tube Cleaning Machine-STCM-W

It is mainly suitable for mould temperature controller maintenance when the pipe heater efficiency is low and pipe scaling and blockage occur. It can clean the mould pipes and improve energy efficiency. The unit can be used in industrial mould equipment, air conditioning, and other heating and cooling equipment; it can also be widely used in home appliances, automobiles, communication, healthcare, etc. The default pump start-to-stop time is 120 minutes. (best), and the default working temperature is 50 ℃ ( up to 60 ℃).


  • The vertical pump features a stable flow rate and high pressure, and the noise level is below 80 dB.
  • Pipe heater can heat the water quickly to facilitate scale dissolution 
  • The micro-switch can monitor the water level in the tank to avoid the pump idling at a low water level. 
  • The flexible water pump timer without manual start/stop.
  • The cleaning intensity can reach up to 70%~80% 
  • Capable of working with different models