SCM Volumetric Doser


    SCM series volumetric doser is suitable for injection molding and extrusion blow molding occasions, which can be used for auto proportional mixing of virgin materials, regrinds, masterbatch, or additives. The injection molding mode supports multiple external signal input modes. The dual-doser is available for multiple component applications. SCM can work with the Venturi Loader VL to realize the auto conveying of the masterbatch to the dosing unit.


    • Adopt high precision servo motor to ensure fast and smooth dosing.
    • Equipped with 1:5 gear box to increase the torque and reduce overload 
    • The throughput with a range of 0.1~130kg/h per screw.
    • Easy and user-friendly touch screen control.
    • Chrome coating dosing screw for longer durability.
    • Modular design for easy color change and maintenance;
    • Synchronize of masterbatch dosing ratio with extruder speed in the extrusion mode.
    • Uninterrupted production recovery in case of power failure.
    • Material purge cleaning for easy replacement of  masterbatch.
    • Up to 50 memory slots for material receipts
    • Ability to monitor, alarm, and stop the unit during the masterbatch blockage via overload.
    • Support micro-dosing mode; masterbatch will dose once per X cycle.
    • The high temp. volumetric doser with water cooling tank can process materials reaching 180℃ drying temp.
    • Modbus RTU data communication via RS485.