Water-cooled Central Water Chillers - SICC-W-R3

    SICC-W-R3 series are applicable for cooling moulds which reduce products molding cycle, also they are available in the cooling of equipments in order to maintain a normal temperature. Besides, they are suitable for other industries in the need of cooling.


    • Brand twin-screw compressor with long service life. 
    • Multi-level compressor output capacity adjusting function are designed to save power.
    • Evaporator and condenser are strictly built according to national standards.
    • Extendibility of the controller makes upgrade of both hardware and software much easier.
    • Based on serial number, frequency and time of faults, the causes can be analyzed via both query and statistics functions to do the improvements.
    • Standard equipped with high/low pressure switch, anti-freeze switch, fusible plug, overload protector, coil overheat protector, temperature auto switch, reverse protector.