Water Purifier-SWP

The unit deals with water quality issues in the water mould temperature control unit, such as heat transfer and water flow reduction due to pipeline scaling, pipe blockage, and pipe heater bursts.

E.g., It applies to LCD TV, computer, automobile LCD panel, car light, optical instruments, and other industries, which also can be widely used in air conditioning, automotive interiors, home appliances, automotive, communication, medical and other industries.


  • Fully automatic control with LCD, an intuitive display, and user-friendly.
  • The three-stage filtration to produce the pure industrial water of TDS less than 10ppm.
  • In the high-pressure water pump, the outlet pressure is stable and adjustable.
  • Adopt a booster pump to provide stable high-pressure water that passes through the reverse osmosis membrane.
  • The maximum working temperature is 45.
  • The unit has a combination of stainless steel water tank, pipeline, and PVC pipeline for easy maintenance.
  • The flow meter for easy checking the water flow status.
  • Different models of machines are available.