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"Budget" Series - SG-24EB

SG-24EB series "standard" screenless granulators are suitable for instant recycling or granulating of hard and thick materials. With European-type appearance and compact size, they feature low rotating speed, low abrasion and super soundproof. Unique cutting blades design ensures well-proportioned granules and minimal amount of dusts. Easy for material cleaning and safe to operate. The unique transmission design cuts the cost greatly.


  • Excellent gear motor features reliable performance, long service life and high torque.
  • Integral design of teeth cutters and staggered blades makes coarse crushing and fine crushing simultaneously to mix with new materials and obtain uniform particles.
  • Even granule with little dust.
  • Compact in size that saves space and easy for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Feeding hopper adopts visible window, welded steel plate structure.
  • Easy motor installation for convenient maintenance.