Crystallizing System-SICR

SICR crystallizers are used to process continuous or batch un-crystallized PET in an amorphous condition, which a transparent colour can identify. Amorphous PET should be crystallized by heating the material above the glass transition temperature and agitating the material during softening status before drying the PET at higher temperatures. Otherwise, PET will form knots and worst-case sticks to the walls of a drying hopper, resulting in the change of drying hopper.


  • Fix speed agitator controls materials through the crystallizing process to avoid the material from lumping together;
  • Multi-step crystallizing temperature control ensures a simple and precise kick start of crystallization of non-crystalline material;
  • The vacuum generator can work with the hopper and suction box to achieve auto loading and feeding;
  • Siemens PLC controller with high reliability;
  • 7’’ color screen for more intuitive control;
  • SSR solid-state relay ensures precise temperature control;
  • The cyclone dust collector can effectively collect the dust and reduce contamination of production space;
  • With double overheat protection, it can reduce the possibility of either mechanical or manufactured problems;
  • The material level switch can detect the material level accurately and make operation reliable;
  • Safety switch ensures high machine safety during cleaning and maintenance.
  • Safety ladder is optionally for SICR-900U and above models, and add “ML” at the end of the model code
  • For models optional with stainless steel inlet and outlet pipes, add “SP” at the end of the model code