Energy-saving Intelligent Drying Control System SEC-H

The energy-saving intelligent drying control system SEC-H can be implemented and modified on most hopper dryers. Remove the original control system of the hopper dryer and replace it with the Shini energy-saving intelligent drying control system, which can save 30~80 energy consumption according to different blower airflows and environments.


  • Features microcomputer PID controller, LCD screen.
  • 28 default preprograms material receipt, and simply select materials as required. The system can automatically set the drying and exhaust air temperatures for easy operation.
  • It has a self-adaption function and simply sets the drying temperature; the control system will match the exhaust air temperature. It is widely applicable.
  • One-week timer and intermittent running function.
  • With heat insulation and anti-over-drying function, the control system can automatically reduce the drying temperature and airflow when it stops material throughput to prevent material from excessive drying.
  • The energy-saving can reach from 30~80.
  • Overheat, low-temperature alarm, RS485 interface functions. 
  • Standard input for thermal overload protector of the heater or blower.