Heatless Air Dryer HAD

When collocating with SHD-U (combined as SHD-U-HD model), it is suitable for drying engineering plastics with a certain requirement for moisture content such as ABS, PC, PE and PVC. When collocating with SCAD in use with low dew-point dried air, it can dry material more easily.


  • With compact structure and stable operation, the range of dew-point variation is ±3°C and the noise level is lower than 85dB.
  • Auto circuit control and safety devices are simple and stable. After operation for 5,000~10,000 hours, the indicator light calls for renewal of corresponding parts to ensure safe handling with optimal performance.
  • High-quality absorbent of 4A molecular sieve .
  • Aluminum alloy die-casting is adopted which offers good shape, convenience for disassembling and maintainence.
  • The throughput is 0.1~0.35m3/min, working pressure is 0.39~0.98MPa and the dew-point can reach -40°C~-60°C.
  • The rational tank design makes the contact time of compressed air and absorbent adjustable which reaches the required dew-point of finished compressed air.
  • The amount of regenerative air is adjustable according to operating load of the dryer to make optimal the velocity and time of the flowing air passing through the absorbent coat and bring the performance of the absorbent into full play.
  • Rational system configuration makes it possible to remove oil and heavy pollutant in the air before it enters the drying tank.
  • High-quality SMC solenoid valve and microprocessor have the function of automatic timing and task switching between the two tanks.