Loss-in-weight Feeder SLWF


    SLWF loss-in-weight feeders are suitable for starve feeding, especially for double-screw extruder applications with which the screws can be effectively saved and product quality can be greatly improved.


    • Easy to used color touch screen.
    • SIEMMENS PLC controller with P.I.D. control of motor speed ensures stable feeding.
    • Screw is made of wear-resisting stainless steel to avoid material contamination.
    • Adopt integrated screws design, different screw assemblies can be chosen to process different materials.
    • Loss-in-weight principle is adopted in material feeding to achieve continuity, stability and accuracy.
    • Material storage hopper is standard equipped.
    • Ethernet communication is optional realizes regularly feeding and product quality controlling.
    • Material suction assembly which including vacuum generator, vacuum hopper and relevant electrical and pneumatic components are optional.
    • Multiple ingredients feeding control assembly can be opted to proportionally feed multiple ingredients.
    • Multiple screw assembly can be opted to process different materials with different properties and throughput.