“Standard” Hopper Dryers - SHD

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  • Introduction

    SHD series “Standard” hopper dryers offer an effective and low-cost method for plastic material drying. Hot air is used to dry wet materials that due to moisture absorption during packaging, transportation, and recycling cycles. Hopper dryer can be directly mounted on the moulding machine for quick drying and space saving. In the drying hopper, hot air blows evenly from bottom to the top ( SHD-200 and SHD-1000 have down-blowing air pipe and maintenance door for easy material clearance) of the drying hopper with capacity ranging from 12~1,000kg. The controller features a standard communicating function via RS485.

  • “Standard” Hopper Dryers - SHD
  • Features
    • The max. drying temperature up to 160.
    • Adopt hot air diffuser to gain an even hot air flow to improve drying efficiency.
    • Unique hot air inlet elbow design can prevent dust piling up at the bottom of the pipe heater to avoid burning.
    • All material contact surfaces are made of stainless steel to eliminate material contamination.
    • Hopper separated from its base, ensuring convenient cleaning (SHD-150 and below).
    • Easy to the used LCD controller.
    • All SHD are equipped with the exposed power switch.
    • Equipped with power tripping for overheat protection, making machine operation more secure and reliable.
    • For SHD-25~150, heater pipes are connected by lead sheets, and other models are equipped with temperature protection to prevent heater pipe from damaging by blower faults.
    • Overheat tripping can automatically cut off power when drying temperature exceeds set deviation value.
    • Adopts heat-insulated blower to prolong blower lifespan. Auto start/stop timer and double insulated hopper are available as options.
    • SHD has the option of cyclone dust separator, exhaust air filter, magnetic base, and blower inlet filter.
    • Hot air recycler, suction box, hopper magnetic, N-type floor stand and storage hopper are optional.