Three Five Axes Servo Driven Robot Driven control integrated

Thina series robot is designed for rapid and precise removal of products from injection molding machine, and place them at desired locations. Apply to 2/3-plate mold or hot runner system. Capable of arranging, stacking, quality checking and in mold placement. Suitable for injection molding machine with clamping force 80~300 tons.


  • Advanced driver ensures stable performance;
  • Highly modular design and card split structure makes it only has to change corresponding module without disassembling and replacing the whole machine during maintenance, which is better than most of other drive-control units in the market.
  • The shared DC bus makes the driver work more stably, with better overload capacity. Moreover, it only needs a regenerative resistor, which saves mount space.  
  • The main control module and the servo module are connected in the unified base plate, which avoid cumbersome manual wiring and increases the system’s stability and reliability;
  • The servo parameters can be set by the control plate automatically;
  • The bus controlled interface is suitable for all kinds of IMMs (national, European and Japanese standards), suitable for new 8’’ manipulator;  
  • It not only features the split stability, but also saves the labor works of wiring, and it shortens the size of the control box.