7 Most Common Plastic Material Handling Equipment

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Plastic Material Handling consists of conveying, drying, dosing, temperature control and recycling for the injection or extrusion industries. Plastic Material Handling Systems and Equipment convey different materials to injection molding or extrusion equipment in a safe way. An efficient plastic material handling and conveying system can improve processing efficiency, save time and reduce cost.

Plastic Material Handling Systems and Equipment

7 Most Common Plastic Material Handling Equipment – Conveying Solution

There are many different types of material handling equipment and plastic conveying systems. Let’s learn what the most common equipment to solve your bulk plastic moving challenges!

1. Plastic Hopper Dryer

The Plastic Hopper Dryer features dual wall stainless steel insulated construction for all material contact points, is insulated, and is designed with an aluminum outer layer. At Shini, we offered Plastic Hopper Dryers for injection molding amounts from 26.5 to 11450 pounds. The energy-efficient Hopper Dryer is used for drying most non-hygroscopic materials, such as PS, PP, ABS, etc. The maximum drying temperature the Hopper Dyer can reach is 160℃. The optional double-layered insulation model is also available to uniformly distribute the heat to the plastic raw materials resulting in less heat loss.

2. Hopper Loader

The Hooper Loaders are used beside injection molding machines or extrusion machines. They are installed on the drying hopper directly.

3. Volumetric Doser

Volumetric Dosing Units are suitable for auto-proportional mixing of virgin materials, regrinds, masterbatch or additives.

4. Water Chiller for Injection Molding Machine

The Water Chillers are designed for cooling molds to reduce the product’s molding cycles. Cooling capacity can be enlarged by increasing the number of modules or choosing the appropriate modules to connect to the existing system.

5. Screenless Plastic Granulator

The Screenless Plastic Granulators operate at super low speed to cut materials into well-proportioned granules. There are little dusts produced in this cutting process. Multiple security devices ensure a high level of safety. The automatic reverse-running function ensures continuous operation.

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6. Robotic Arm for Injection Moulding Machine

The Robotic Arms are designed to unload finished parts from the injection molding machine to make ready for the downstream processes. Standard and telescopic arms are selectable to synchronize with a two plate mold or a hot runner system. At Shini, a wide range of industrial robots with varying strokes and payloads for all types of automated vertical and horizontal plastic injection molding machines (from 50 to 3600 tons). The most popular robotic arms are Side Entry IML Robot, 3 Axis or 5 Axis. Robot Arms

7. Hot Runner Controller

The Hot Runner Temperature Controller is an advanced injection molding system. Nozzle and manifold block are heated under temperature control of the Temp-controller, so that the plastics from the nozzle of the injection molding machine to the gate bush can keep the plastic in the molten state.

Benefits of Using Plastic Material Handling Equipment

● The system can convey different materials to several sets of the injection molding equipment, thus improving the process efficiency and the cleanliness of the workshop.

● Visualized HMI provides direct and simple operation that can monitor the screen system intuitively.

● Centralized material storage (or stacking) and centralized dust collection far away from the production line results in more working space.

● With the development of industrial 4.0, it is widely applied in many developed cities. Moreover, for a more professional operation, automation will replace manual work inevitably.

● The blowers of the plastic central conveying system are placed in the same area with vacuum isolation, which greatly reduces workshop's noise compared with a single machine.

Benefits of Using Plastic Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Automation Equipment and System Success Story for Plastic Injection Processing

Recently, Shini has completed another central material processing system for a customer in Guangdong, China. The project required the integration of 112 sets of injection molding machines for the processing of the plastic materials required, which also included material storage, centralized conveying, drying, and mixing.

The total material consumption is about 1.2T/hr. The maximum horizontal and vertical distances for plastic conveying material are 135m and 3.5m, respectively. According to our customer's needs and the material properties, we provided them with a completed solution based on Shini’s Factory 4.0 platform, which integrates the central conveying system, drying and dehumidifying equipment, and dosing units. This equipment is designed to operate and function based on the future development of digital production. All pipes are arranged overhead with an organized and concise layout to improve the customer's productivity, the workshop's environment, and the company’s corporate image. This end-to-end assembly integrates the processes from material input to finished product output ! All these improvements will finally be reflected in higher product quality and improved management efficiency.

Material Handling Automation Equipment and System Success Story for Plastic Injection Processing

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