How to Select Plastic Granulators?

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Buying a plastic granulator is not a small investment. Buying a plastic granulator that is too large is a waste of money, while a plastic granulator that is too small is not suitable. Therefore, choosing the right granulator with suitable blades for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion or recycling is quite important. These are 6 key steps and factors you should consider when choosing plastic granulators.

  1. According to the materials’ cutting amount required to choose the Low-speed Granulator or Centralized Granulator.

  2. For specification selections, the foremost is to compare the maximum size of the materials to be crushed and the inlet diameter of the granulator.
  3. Conform to the right size, and then it has to consider the material’s thickness, hardness, and other aspects to select the power of the granulator.
  4. According to the required granule size (particle size) and specific granulator model to select the proper size of the screen.
  5. SGS-S series of single-shaft shredders can shred extremely thick, rigid, large tubes and solid materials effectively, which can be applied in recycling rubbers and woods.
  6. Film Granulator is suitable for crushing all kinds of leftover plastics, such as packaging braids, extruded sheets, and films. The film thickness is 0.5~4mm.

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