Guides to Industrial Plastic Granulator - All You Need to Know

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The Industrial Plastic Granulator is the equipment for re-grinding or recycling waste plastics to the injection molding, blow molding or extrusion process. It is used for crushing and recycling plastic materials such as PU, PVC, PC, ABC or pipes, plates, and packaging materials. There are many designs of industrial plastic granulators for size reduction, granulation, recycling devices and accessories. Whatever your required capacities are, take 5 minutes to read this article and you will have a complete understanding.

What is Industrial Plastic Granulator Machine?

Industrial Plastic Granulator is a machine that shreds plastic, making it more manageable and easier to recycle. It can be used for a variety of plastic and rubber materials such as plastic profiles, pipes, rods, silk threads, films, waste rubbers, and plastic products. Industrial Plastic Granulator Machine is commonly used to break down large pieces of waste into smaller pieces that are easier to handle when recycling them. The machine is composed of a feeding hopper, cutting device, eccentric roller and rotary knife. Moreover, the machine has a large capacity, so it can handle large amounts of waste plastic in one go.

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How does Plastic Granulator Machine work?

The Plastic Granulator Machine works by using a blade to cut plastic into slices. The motor drives the blade rest shaft to make the rotating blade on the shaft rotate relatively against the machine's fixed blade, with the best cutting angle.Staggered rotating blades on the rest enable materials to drop inside under the squeezing, tearing and cutting action, thus crushing the materials.

Types of Industrial Plastic Granulator Machines

  • Low-speed Granulator : Applied to crush plastic sprues and a few rejects for reuse instantly.

    Types of Industrial Plastic Granulator Machines-Central Granulator

  • Central Granulator: Suitable for centralized crushing of all kinds of materials, such as wastes or rejected parts from injection molding, blow molding, or extrusion lines.

    Types of Industrial Plastic Granulator Machines-Central Granulator

  • Roll-feed Granulator: Applicable to granulating and recycling plastic films. After being pressed roughly by a material scroll, films are sent to a cutting chamber to be cut into granules to reuse.

    Types of Industrial Plastic Granulator Machines-Roll-feed Granulator

Key Components of Plastic Granulators - Blades

Blades or knives are the most important component of a plastic granulator. The blades are used to cut, crush and grind plastic materials into small particles. There are many different types of blades, each with different functions.

  • Teeth blade: Used for instant recycling of thick and long or tough sprues and crushing a few rejects finely.
  • Paddle blade:Used for cutting thin-walled shells and tubes, bottles, flakes, pipe materials, profiles, etc. It allows increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption. It is suitable for cutting thin flakes and parts inside the cutting chamber.
  • Staggered blade:Staggered rotating blade design can decentralize the working load when granulating to increase cutting efficiency, making it easy to grab the materials to be crushed. The staggered blade is suitable for processing hard shells and solid materials.

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