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2022 Quarter 2 Issue 47

2022 Quarter 2 Issue 47 Message from the Chief Editor

Dear Customers and Partners,

In the 21st century, modernization and scientific and technological development push forward the plastics industry chain's growth, and a systematic centralized conveying system has been widely deployed in injection moulding workshops of various products.

It can realize the centralized processing materials and meet various unique demands such as conveying, dehumidifying, drying, color masterbatch dosing, metering, and mixing, saving the cost of human labor and financial resource, material, and time for enterprises. Especially in the cost control and delivery of income, the system is a piece of the important, indispensable equipment in the plastic industry. 

The central conveying system can minimize material contamination in the injection moulding production to maintain a clean production workshop. Moreover, the unique centralized dust recovery system makes cleaning more convenient, improves the environmental protection effect of dust-free workshop standards, reduces the noise, and finally realizes an unmanned automatic workshop for modern chemical plant management.